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U2 ha grabado el siguente disco en Dublín (ÁLBUM – AÑO – ESTUDIO):

  • BOY – 1980 – Windmill Lane Studios & The Sound Clinic (Mastering).
  • OCTOBER – 1981 – Windmill Lane Studios.
  • WAR – 1983 – Windmill Lane Studios.
  • THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE – 1984 – Windmill Lane Studios.
  • THE JOSHUA TREE – 1987 – Windmill Lane Studios.
  • ACHTUNG BABY – 1991 – Dog Town, S.T.S. & Windmill Lane Studios.
  • ZOOROPA – 1993 – The Factory,Windmill Lane Studios,Westland Studios & Terry Cromer & Julian Douglas.
  • POP – 1997 – Hanover Quay Studios,Windmill Lane Studios &The Works.
  • ALL THAT YOU CAN’T LEAVE BEHIND – 2000 – Hanover Quay Studios,Windmill Lane Studios,Westland Studios & Totally Wired.
  • HOW TO DISMANTLE AN ATOMIC BOMB – 2004 – Hanover Quay Studios.
  • NO LINE ON THE HORIZON – 2009 – Hanover Quay Studios.


Fuente: Lonely Planet

Coddle, a classic Dublin broth made of boiled fatty sausage and diced vegetables may have cut the mustard with hungry Dublin dockers in the 1940s but nowadays Dubliners prefer something a bit more sophisticated. With a good nose for it, you can track down top Irish nosh all over town. Here are a few of our favourites:

The Pepper Pot

Located on a busy balcony in the middle of the beautiful period building, The Pepper Pot has a quiet but well-placed confidence about its produce, kitchen, and staff. It’s the perfect spot for a post-shopping lunch, a pick-me-up Ariosa coffee and slice of 1970s-era Victoria Sponge with homemade raspberry jam, or a decadent Irish whiskey and pecan tart served on kitsch crockery. The menu is small but everything is homemade with a lot of love. Try the crumbly Guinness and pumpkin seed bread topped with local cream cheese and Burren smoked salmon, organic cabbage soup with chilli and caraway seed or the to-die-for black pudding, red onion marmalade and Cashel Blue cheese tart.