Las Cuevas del Canelobre (Busot) – EN

Publicado: 24 de octubre de 2016 en Busot, España / Spain, Europa / Europe, Viajar / Travel
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A marvel of nature

Canelobre Caves are one of the main attractions not only Busot, but throughout the province of Alicante. Emplaced at 700 meters altitude on the northern slope of the mountain Cabeçó D’Or, one of the few Jurassic reliefs of the Prebético period in the province, they are a magnificent example of karstic cavity.

Inside the caves there is a space of more than 80,000m2 which can be accessed through a tunnel of 45 meters, where the water and rock have led to impressive shapes as stalactites, stalagmites, columns and jellyfish, among many others.


cuevas-canelobre-3a-1024x768This cavity develops in the Upper Jurassic limestones, whose age is 145 million years. Although little is known of this cavity until almost the nineteenth century, the discovery of this cave has been attributed to the Arabs, back in the tenth century.

The caves were not opened to the public until last half of the twentieth century. During the battle of the Civil War they were used as aircraft repair shop by the republican army, and was at the time when the current tunnel access to the cavity, as well as several platforms inside was drilled.

The most outstanding

Canelobre caves house inside one of the highest vaults in Spain, with a height of 70 meters, which looks like the real dome of a cathedral. As highlights we can name ‘La Sagrada Familia’, a set in which stands a rocky column of more than 25 meters high, and ‘The Canelobre’, a stalagmite in the center of the room that has a history of more than 100,000 years.

A highly recommended experience, both for the beauty of the site and the magnificent explanations of the guide. Very suitable for children from 7 years.

Visiting hours

cuevas-canelobre-2a-1024x768WINTER TIME

From September 1 to June 30.

Closed on Mondays.

From Tuesday to Friday from 10:30 to 16:50.

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 10:30 to 17:50.


From 1 July to 31 August and Easter.

Every day of the week from 10:30 to 19:30.

Saturday and Sunday after Easter open until 15.00.

Closed on San Vicente (after Easter Monday Monday), December 25 and January 1.

Fares and ticketing


Adults (from 14 years): 7€.

Children s 5 to 14 years (in groups or individually): 3,50€.

Children s children under 5: free.

Ticket sales at the box office and Instanticket.

Phone information

+34 965 69 92 50

Más información en:


CV-776, 03111 Busot, Alicante, España,-0.4119199/@38.510371,-0.41192,12z?hl=es-ES

Photographs obtained from the website mentioned above.

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