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Odio estirar

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Odio los estiramientos. Cuando termino de entrenar me apetece una ducha, no sufrir más tensión. Haz como yo. Calla, aguanta y ¡estírate!

Tan importante como la fuerza es la flexibilidad. Es lógico. Si tus músculos y tendones se ha acortado por la tensión permanente, tanto por el ejercicio como por el estrés, es mucho más fácil que al estirarse bruscamente se lesionen. Tú quieres hacer deporte y estar sano, no quedarte una semana con la pierna en alto.


Fuente: Andy Murdock – Lonely Planet.

On my first trip to the Grand Canyon, I made a classic rookie mistake: part of a longer road trip, I didn’t give myself much time and I didn’t do any advance research, so I ended up with a version of the Griswold experience. There it was – big, beautiful but somewhat underwhelming. Back in the car.

And I wasn’t alone. Most visitors seemed to be slowly driving the South Rim and stopping at all of the same viewpoints, taking some photos, but doing little else. With a park so vast, it seemed like it would take a serious investment of time and effort to really experience what it had to offer and get away from the crowds.

But even a short trip to the Grand Canyon can be rewarding if you know how to make the most of your time. Two active members of the Thorn Tree travel forum, FlagStuff and eazeliff both have experience as Grand Canyon guides, so we asked them for insider tips on sights and activities to include in a short trip to the Grand Canyon, one that really gets beneath the skin of the park.